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Summit County Resorts

Summit County, Colorado Resorts

Summit County is made up of the towns and resorts located around Lake Dillon just off of I-70. Summit County, known as Colorado’s Playground, is located in the heart of the Colorado Rocky Mountains approximately 75 miles west of Denver on Interstate 70.

 Summit County, CO Towns

Dillon, CO

The town of Dillon is located at exit 205 to the south of I-70. Hwy 6 runs from Dillon’s I-70 exit towards Keystone Resort. Dillon offers lots of lodging options from many economical hotels to large private homes. Dillon is just 5.1 miles to Keystone (9 minutes), A-Basin is 11.3 miles (19 minutes), Breckenridge is 15.6 miles (23 minutes), and Copper is 13.1 miles (17 minutes). Dillon Colorado has a very unique past. The town was originally located at the confluence of the Ten Mile Creek, Blue River, and the Snake River. The current location of Dillon is it’s fourth. In it’s original location, Dillon became the crossroads for early stagecoach lines and wagon freighters. By 1898, two narrow gauge railroads met and shared a depot. The location of Dillon allowed it to serve not only to the mining community, but also the ranching communities in the lower Blue River Valley. Most of the ranches in the Lower Blue River Valley were acquired under the 1882 Homestead Act. Those pioneering ranch families worked hard to tame the land in that region. Many of the same families still operate ranches in the lower Blue River Valley area today. Dillon was moved to the present location in the 1960’s due to the construction of Lake Dillon by the Denver Water Board. More about the history of Dillon and Lake Dillon is available on the North Shore of Lake Dillon along the bike path and the Dillon Dam Road near the spillway.

Silverthorne, CO

Silverthorne is to the north of I-70 at the same exit as Dillon, Silverthorne also has many options from small locally owned hotels, to Condos and private homes located in the Wildernest area above Silverthorne. Silverthorne is just 7.9 miles to Keystone (15 minutes), A-Basin is 12.8 miles (20 minutes), Breckenridge is 14.4 miles (23 minutes), and Copper is 11.9 miles (17 minutes).

Frisco, CO

Frisco is to the south of I-70 at exits 203 and 201, Frisco is the Gateway to Breckenridge and has many lodging options from nationwide hotel properties, to condos and private homes located in just blocks from old town Frisco. Located just 12.2 miles to Keystone (19 minutes), A-Basin is 17.4 miles (29 minutes), Breckenridge is 10.1 miles (18 minutes), and Copper is 7.8 miles (12 minutes). Ten Mile Canyon was also full of gold and silver fever. Frisco, located at the edge of the canyon, which now is home to a stretch of I-70, was incorporated in 1880. Today, Frisco is a thriving business community with many of the local government agencies located there. In addition, the Summit County Historical Society is located on Main Street.