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Sitzmark Travel’s services are free.
Just Click on the Lift ticket or ski rentals link above. Then click on the resort or location you would like, or use our new menu in the upper left of the page. This menu scrolls the Lift ticket and Ski rental links. Just click on the menu to activate it then Click on the link to navigate directly to that page.
The rental form Links are located on each rental location pricing page, and each rentals company’s landing page.
The first number is the number of days you have to ski,. For example. 3 of 5 days you can ski 3 days out of a 5 day period starting when your ticket is scanned in the lift line for the first time, so if you start on Monday you can ski any three days between Monday and five days later (Friday).
For most tickets you can take a certain number of days off for example if you purchase a 5 of 7 day lift ticket you can take up to 2 days off after skiing your first day.
Just click on the Contact us link above for phone numbers, address, email, and Google map, or click this link Contact Us.
A group depending on the area is 20-25 people (adults, students, and children).
Sitzmark Travel is located inside Sitzmark Sports, at 10500 Marty Street Overland Park, KS 66212
Yes you must come into our store to purchase in person.(This Excludes Copper and Winter Park Tickets)
No we do not you can purchase half days at the mountain. Half days usually start around 12:15pm.