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Frisco, ColoradoAll rates are per day with tax included.
Hours 8:00am-6:00pm 7 days a week.

  • Kids Rent Free with an adult paid 4 day or more rental
  • 1 day grace period (ex. 3 of 4 days skiing – pay for 3 day rental, keep for 4 days)
2016-2017 Rental Pricing. All pricing is per day and includes all taxes.
PackagesWalk-In Purchase /w TaxSitzmark Advanced Purchase /w Tax
Demo Package$61.38$49.10
Demo Ski Only$57.07$45.66
Premium Package$39.82$31.86
Premium Ski Only$35.51$28.41
Sport Package$30.12$24.10
Sport Ski Only$25.81$20.65
Basic Package$21.50$17.20
Basic Ski Only$17.19$13.75
Junior Ski Package (ages 12 and under)$18.27$14.61
Junior Ski Only (ages 12 and under)$13.96$11.17
All Mountain Snowboard Package$43.06$34.45
All Mountain Snowboard Only$38.75$31.00
Learn to Ride Snowboard Package$34.44$27.55
Learn to Ride Snowboard Only$30.12$24.10
Junior Snowboard Package (ages 12 and under)$21.50$17.20
Junior Snowboard Only (ages 12 and under)$17.19$13.75
Adult Helmet$11.80$9.44
Junior Helmet (ages 12 and Under)$9.65$7.72

Frisco, CO Ski & Snowboard Rental Package Details

The Basic Ski Package is the economical ski package at Christy Sports. The skis will perform anywhere, but they are less specialized to specific ability types than those in the other package offerings. A new skier or beginner skier will be happy on these well maintained shaped skis. They are generally softer under the foot than the skis in our other packages, which makes for easy turning, but decreased stability at speeds that more advanced skiers may reach. If you’re a cautious, entry-level skier this package will get you turning down the slopes, and on your way to more challenging features of the mountain. Includes skis, boots, and poles.
The Sport Ski Package is geared toward beginner skiers, or to the intermediate skier who is more comfortable sticking to the groomed runs with mellow to moderate pitches. The skis are soft and flexible, allowing for less-powerful skiers to make nicely carved turns. If you want to venture beyond the groomed runs, the sport skis will certainly provide sufficient stability to ski over variable terrain, but if you are looking to spend most of your time on challenging terrain, you’ll be happier with the Premium Package, which offers stiffer skis. You’ll find that the sport skis are proper for those who prefer slower speeds, yet are looking to advance their style from cautious to moderately aggressive. Includes skis, boots, and poles.
The Premium Ski Package provides high quality, current ski rental equipment. We recommend this package if you are an upper-level intermediate skier, or if you are a beginner skier who is looking to have every advantage in accelerating along your ski learning curve. With our performance skis underfoot you’ll feel greater stability, and thus confidence, as you begin to ski more aggressively and faster on steeper pitches that offer more challenging terrain. If you want a ski that performs anywhere on the mountain you desire to descend, this package suits your preference. Includes skis, boots, and poles.
The Demo Ski Package provides top of the line ski rental equipment, offering you a chance to test out the skis you’ll find on the sales floor. The demo fleet consists of a selection of top quality skis specific for your skiing style. If you’re a beginner looking for equipment that will help you become a better skier more quickly, we have a selection of soft, flexible skis that make turning a bit easier for the novice. Similarly, for the intermediate skier, you can find an all-mountain ski that will help you find greater confidence and stability on more variable terrain, helping you progress to an advanced level and finally descend a powder loaded chute. Finally, the demo package will certainly make the advanced or expert skier the happiest. If you’re an advanced skier that doesn’t want to be restrained by equipment, or that wants a specialized ski for the conditions, you’ll find the demo package most appropriate. For expert skiers, you’ll find a ski of comparable quality to your own if you don’t feel like schlepping your own equipment to the hill. Additionally, if you choose the demo package, two days of your demo rental cost can be put toward purchasing a set of skis off of the sales floor this season. Includes skis, boots, and poles.
The Junior Ski Package is suitable for kids 12 and under. The skis are proportionately designed to fit kids so they need not struggle to learn the sport, thus they are quite soft to allow for easy turning. Even if your child is quite advanced, the skis are suitable for all terrain types, providing stability at relatively quick speeds. Includes skis, boots and poles.
The Learn-to-Ride Snowboard Package is ideal for the beginner snowboarder who may require a softer deck to learn more easily how to carve a perfect snowboard turn and gain confidence riding down moderately steep terrain. The boards provided in this package can take you anywhere on the mountain, including the park, but as you become more advanced you’ll find the All-Mountain Snowboard Package to better support your ability. The Learn-to-Ride boards are most stable at cautious to moderate speeds, enabling new riders to become acquainted with the sport. Includes a snowboard and boots.
The All-Mountain Snowboard Package offers a selection of snowboards specific to the current conditions and the terrain you want to ride. If you arrive during a week of bottomless powder you’ll be able to choose a wide board that floats on the surface, or if you arrive amidst more variable conditions you can take out a stiffer carving board, or park board to make the best of your time on the mountain. With this package you need not fret about timing your snowboard trip perfectly, as your choice in boards will accommodate anything the mountain can throw at you. Includes a snowboard and boots. Men’s and Women’s specific models available.
The Junior Snowboard Package is geared toward riders aged 12 and under. The snowboards are soft enough underfoot for kids to bend the board into nice turns, and learn proper style from the beginning. The boards will be stable for juniors on any terrain the mountain offers. At the store, when you pick up the equipment, your technician will fit your kid with a board that will support his or her ability level. Includes snowboard and boots.

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